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  • Sunday 1 - 6pm

Queen of Hearts drawing every Friday at 7pm.

What Bingo Really Is All About

What Bingo Really Is All About

Bingo is a game of chance wherein each player matches numbers printed in different arrangements on cards, and the game host announces and draws at random. While this may sound purely like a fun game, there is more to it if you dig deeper. Bingo games need full concentration, good memory skills, and focus for all five senses. This is ideally a healthy brain exercise for the elderly, and a great pastime for young adults. But whatever your purpose for playing might be, bingo can help you a lot.

Playing bingo excites the player, thus, problems and stresses tend to be forgotten or even overcome through a game or two. It draws positive emotions and socialization. Winning or being able to shout the word ‘bingo’ does not only mean winning the game, but it may also signify a win over temporary problems one might be facing in life. Even though it is a game of chance, basic skills, and strategies are needed, reminding the player that basic solutions still apply to the most intricate problems in life. While bingo is a form of entertainment, it is not strictly just for fun and amusement.

If you want to join a community of bingo players, make sure to check those that are accredited to hold them. Legal gambling in Ohio covers bingo, so there’s no need to worry.

Check us out at WCAP BINGO! We hold a charitable game of bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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