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Weekend Night Ideas for You and Your Friends


The pandemic left the world shocked with its massive effect on the lives of everyone. The virus may have affected us physically, but our mental and emotional health were not spared, too. Because of social isolation, we have been struggling with our sanity. So, as we close our laptops after finishing a long week from work, may the pandemic remind us that we need other people to survive and thrive. Spend your time with people you love through fun and entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Here are some ideas you can try with your friends.

  • No-phone Weekend
    Gadgets have consumed a big chunk of our day. Set a date with your friends wherein, strictly – no phones are allowed. Enjoy the company of your friends as you bask under the stars or eat dinner while making meaningful conversations.
  • Cake or Pizza Party
    Love baking? Try it with your clique! The best part is having everyone bring at least one ingredient for the cake or pizza. Isn’t that thrilling? Everyone gets to contribute to your dinner.
  • Gambling
    Gambling in Ohio is a fun way to socialize with your friends. And no, you don’t need to go to a casino to get the fun, nor bet on a lottery. A bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio is the perfect place to be. The idea of waiting to fill your entire card is equally exciting and fun when you are with friends.

WCAP BINGO believes that we all deserve to relax and experience fun after our responsibilities at work. Bring your friends and your pizza, keep your phones, and enjoy the company! If you are ready to try bingo, visit us!

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