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Queen of Hearts drawing every Friday at 7pm.

Ways that WCAP BINGO Helps the Community


For more than 30 years, WCAP BINGO has always aimed to bring joy and build friendships while also making sure that we are helping the community as a whole through our bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

Today, as we look back from the past year and welcome a new one, allow us to remind you how far we have come through your patronage in our entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Below are some of the initiatives that every bingo game you have played has helped raise.

  • 30,000 worth of non-perishable food for local food pantries
    Every year, we donate stock food items for our less privileged brothers and sisters.
  • Continuation and expansion of mental health efforts
    Proceeds from bingo playing have helped us sustain our funding for WCAP Counseling, our mental health care arm, whose main beneficiaries are patients who have mental health and substance abuse issues.
  • Development of new and more projects focused on mental health
    As both our expertise and passion, we have been developing mental health programs to reach more people who are in need of a compassionate and non-judgmental space to seek help from.

All these are made possible because of your support. Thank you for believing in our vision and for helping us change the perception around bingo as more than gambling in Ohio but as a possible avenue to enrich the community.

You can rest assured that we will continue to double our efforts to make every game night more enjoyable than the last. Questions? Reach us today at 614-866-5165.

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