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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bingo Games More Fun

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bingo Games More Fun

Playing a game of bingo is fun, however, over time it can become monotonous and a bit drab, even for those calling the game. Add a bit more energy to your next game of bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio with a few new twists:

  • Consider playing different styles of bingo games. Instead of following the traditional guidelines of a bingo game, add more to the entertainment factor by making up your own covering rules.
  • Add a bit of color to your games by using food like red and green M&M’s or Hershey’s Kisses as bingo markers. (This is perfect for the holidays.)
  • Organize a themed event around the bingo game. Alter bingo cards to fit the theme and give out prizes that correspond to it as well.
  • Play human bingo. This can be fun for both adults and kids. Just create your own bingo cards and fill each square with a different characteristic. The objective of the game is for participants to mingle with each other.

WCAP BINGO hosts games every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, where gambling in Ohio is turned into a charitable event. Join in on a night of pure fun by contacting us here.

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