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Times When Gaming Had Served Good Causes

When you choose to participate in one of WCAP BINGO‘s games, you might think that our pledge of dedicating our earnings to running our non-profit mental health clinic is something we hand-wave off from time to time. But the truth is, our games do contribute to serving the community, and you take part in our efforts to do so through entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

Gaming as a way to give back to the community is not new. It happens around the world and has evolved as entertainment advanced. The core concept remains: that any earnings made go to charitable causes.

Still not sure if you want to play bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio for a good cause? Here are some examples of when gaming served as a way to help others:

  • In the United Kingdom, BigHeartBingo is one of the most popular charity bingo sites. Founded by Jeremy Collis, it raises money for charities like Cancer Research, Save the Children, World Wildlife Fund, and Chobe WildlifeRescue in Botswana.
  • Here in the US, Gary Gygax established Gen Con, the biggest tabletop gaming convention in North America, where his popular game Dungeons & Dragons brings tons of players together to raise money for new charities every year, like Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
  • In 1949, actor-comedian Milton Berle hosted the first telethon, raising more than one million dollars for cancer research.
  • And in recent years, gaming marathons like Desert Bus for Hope have been successful in reaping large donations that they have been going on every year since 2007.

These are just a sampling of the many ways gaming has contributed to helping lives. If this even brought up some interest in gambling in Ohio for a cause, check out our latest schedule today!

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