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Regulatory Aspects of Bingo for Charity


Raising funds for charity can be achieved through fun games such as bingo and lottery. In fact, bingo is no longer widely perceived as a game of gambling in Ohio. It’s now a means for charity and fundraising.

However, not everyone can host a charity bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. There are regulatory aspects that must be met before anything else. Here are those regulatory aspects that organizers must keep in mind for a successful event:

  • The PurposeIt’s important that you emphasize the purpose behind hosting the game. A charity bingo event must only be non-profitable. It should solely be for fundraising purposes. Organizers of the game must not retain any private profits, too.
  • ProceedsThe proceeds of the game must only go to a trustworthy and good cause. Participants of this particular entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio must be informed on what charity or cause the proceeds will go to.
  • PrizesThere should be a limit to the prizes offered for every game. Whether it’s the jackpot, prize value, prize money distribution, and amount games, the organizer must put a reasonable limit to them.

WCAP BINGO hosts bingo for charity. We make sure to follow the regulatory aspects levied by the state. If you have any questions about our events, kindly give us a call to know more.

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