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Queen of Hearts drawing every Friday at 7pm.

Reasons to Encourage Your Loved One to Play Bingo


You may think that bingo is nothing but a waste of time. But, as with all gambling games, there are many benefits to playing bingo. Here are some reasons why you should consider playing bingo and encourage your loved ones as well:

  • It provides exercise for the brain.
    Playing bingo is a mentally stimulating activity, especially for seniors. It keeps your brain engaged and improves your cognitive function. It keeps you focused, increases your hand-eye coordination, and improves your memory.
  • It offers a great opportunity to socialize.
    Socializing is one of the biggest factors that help reduce the risk of depression. Bingo can help you stay in touch with your friends or help you meet new ones. Social interaction is a great way to ward off depression and loneliness.
  • It is a great pastime.
    We cannot deny that bingo is a fun activity, especially if you are playing with your friends or family. It is a good activity that will keep you happy and help you avoid bad habits like smoking, drinking, and doing drugs.

WCAP BINGO holds a charitable bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. With us, you are having fun while helping others plus you have the chance to win amazing prizes.

We are a non-profit organization that aims to help provide counseling services to the community through our charitable bingo fundraising. All proceeds go to the WCAP Counseling Center.

If you are looking to play bingo in Ohio, don’t hesitate to join us on a fun bingo night. For questions and inquiries, please give us a call at 614-866-5165. We are excited to play with you!

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