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Queen of Hearts drawing every Friday at 7pm.

Play for Fun, Play for a Purpose


In looking after our health, it should be our constant goal to keep our mind stimulated so our cognitive skills, which are bound to decline over time, would still remain in tip-top shape. People have their own ways of keeping their brains active; it could be through productivity, games, or mindfulness exercises. One fun activity that the youth, young, and older adults have and continue to enjoy is playing the game Bingo. You may have heard of large families and neighbors coming together to play this game.

We understand the hesitation about playing bingo because it may have a bad reputation in some places, especially since it’s a form of gambling. But in a world where we usually calculate our moves and plans in order to achieve our dreams and goals in life, isn’t it fun to participate in a game of chance every once in a while? Especially when you don’t need to put a lot at stake if you choose to.

Build social connections, and refine your senses, such as your motor skills and eye coordination with bingo. It might not be as stimulating as the modern games of the new era, but it will still give you that rush that could momentarily divert you from your daily struggles. You don’t often see charity organizations in the form of bingo. But WCAP BINGO is an exception to the rule.

When you swing by our charitable bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, you don’t only get the hype, but you also get to donate to local pantries. This ensures active participation in the community, which fosters social connections.

Our bingo in Ohio is open for fun, so come visit us.

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