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Queen of Hearts drawing every Friday at 7pm.

Learning the Origins and History of Bingo

Learning the Origins and History of Bingo

The origin of the bingo game can be traced back to Italy circa 1530. The game expanded to other parts of the country such as France and Germany but it was not until it arrived in America that bingo became a hit game. Edwin Lowe, a New York toy salesman, introduced the game to his friends, and it is said that the practice of shouting “BINGO” first appeared. Afterward, Lowe was approached by a Catholic Priest from Pennsylvania to learn about the game and use it to raise funds for the church.

Currently, there are 60 million bingo players worldwide, which are mostly composed of older adults but are now slowly joined by the younger population.

As a form of entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, WCAP BINGO holds charitable bingo nights that are filled with fun and lots of prizes to take home. It is our goal to provide you a time for enjoyment while socializing with other players.

Not only that, the proceeds of our bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio will be donated to our counseling center, WCAP Counseling, which will be used to fund our services for the community.

To know more about our bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, you can check out the rules and prices at https://www.wcapbingo.org/ or call us anytime at 614-866-5165.

Gambling in Ohio has never been this fun and rewarding!
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