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Queen of Hearts drawing every Friday at 7pm.

How Your Every Bingo Game Funds Our Vision

How Your Every Bingo Game Funds Our Vision

It is easy to think of bingo as merely gambling in Ohio, but the game has always served a higher purpose for us here at WCAP BINGO since it has funded and continues to fund our initiatives for the community.

As the community’s leading provider of bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, for over 3 decades now, it is our pleasure to inform you of the ways that your patronage has helped support our charitable bingo fundraising, provide funds for our initiatives, and ultimately realize our vision as a charitable bingo organization.

From simple entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio to an instrument of hope for the community, here are some of the initiatives that every single one of your bingo games has helped raise:

  • An annual estimated $30,000 worth of non-perishable food items donated to local food pantries every single year.
  • Continued funding for or mental health care arm, WCAP Counseling for individuals suffering from mental health and substance abuse
  • Expansion of services for the community with a specific focus on mental health.

All these are possible because of your patronage. And as we look back to being your choice for entertainment for the past 30 years, you can trust us to continue serving you with the same dedication we have done over the years.

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