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How to Plan a Virtual Bingo Night

How to Plan a Virtual Bingo Night

COVID has made many miss the good old days where they could enjoy their favorite entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio—such as weekly bingo nights.

Luckily, technology has made it possible to play bingo with your friends without having to leave the home. So, as people who consider bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio as one of our favorite pastimes, we are here to give you tips on planning a virtual bingo night:

  • Gather Your Friends
    No bingo game would be complete with your friends! You can gather together online using applications like Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Discord.
  • Designate the Bingo Caller
    While everybody wants to join in and have a chance of winning, the game would get messy without a bingo caller. You and your friends can take turns generating and calling out the numbers in each game.
  • Produce the Tickets
    As you know, bingo tickets typically have random numbers scattered in a grid. Things will be a little different for your virtual game, though. Each player is going to use a number generator, set the minimum and maximum numbers, and repeat this until they have generated five (5) numbers.
  • Play the Game
    It’s now time for the fun part! The caller will use a number generator to produce and shout the number for the players to mark off. They have to remember, though, to keep a record of the numbers that have been called.
  • Name the Winner
    Only one person can win—the first one who marks off all the numbers on their bingo cards and yells BINGO. The checker will confirm and announce their win.

We hope you enjoy your virtual bingo night! But, if you miss in-person gambling in Ohio, then our bingo events at WCAP BINGO have resumed. Contact us for more details!

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