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How to Host a Hen Party Bingo


A hen party isn’t like your typical girl’s night; it’s a celebration of a new chapter in the bride’s life. Therefore, the whole evening should be full of laughter, fun, and Entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio!

Unlike what you typically see in movies, there are plenty of ways you can entertain the bride on her last night of freedom. If you want to bring your party to another level, then maybe hosting a hen party Bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio is the best way to go!

How to Play Hen Party Bingo

Before you and your girlfriends can start playing, there are a couple of rules that need to be laid out first.

  • The game lasts one hour
  • The first one to score a vertical or horizontal line wins
  • Tasks or dares must be witnessed
  • Any cheating hen pays the consequences

If anyone is caught cheating, there will be consequences: SHOTS!

The Bingo Board

To make the Bingo Board you’re going to need cards, a ruler, and a list of dares or tasks. Make 25 even squares on every card. But if you’re no the type that likes DIY projects, you can always buy a hen party bingo set online.

At WCAP BINGO, we see Bingo as more than just a way of Gambling in Ohio — it’s a way to get to know other people and to connect with them on a completely different level!

If you wish to get our services for any of your events, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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