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Queen of Hearts drawing every Friday at 7pm.

Fun Activity to Start the Year With

Fun Activity to Start the Year With

Are you thinking of bringing together friends and family to start the year right? If you answered yes, then we know the perfect activity you could engage with them. It’s a classic form of entertainment, an activity enjoyed by people of all ages. Yes, we are talking about Bingo!

Bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, is unlike any other. Here you get to have fun and at the same time help other people as well. All the proceeds of the games in WCAP Bingo are intended for a greater cause. It’s not just about winning, but also about creating a positive impact.

A large amount of the proceeds go to counseling services for people with substance abuse disorders. The rest of the money is spent on food and other goods for a local pantry that feeds hundreds of people every day. It’s certainly not just your ordinary gambling in Ohio.

Playing bingo with us is certainly a meaningful way to spend money and bond at the same time. We have brought communities together and we have seen how families enjoy their time while playing. We welcome everyone and we are always grateful for their contribution to our advocacy.

If you want to join in on the fun and help others, just visit us. Our game schedules are available on our website.

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