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Bingo vs Tombola: What’s the Difference?


Tombola is one of those raffle games similar to Bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and involves completing numbered squares on a ticket. While both games use tickets and numbers, they have very different gameplay mechanics, not to mention aesthetics.

Today, we at WCAP BINGO will be taking a close look at the differences between bingo and tombola.

Let’s get started:

  • Tombola Explained

    In Tombola, participants have one or more numbered cards or tickets. An announcer calls out one number at a time (similar to Bingo).

    Tombola is played over several rounds, each of which ends when a player completes any of the following conditions:

    • Early Five
    • Circle
    • Pyramid
    • Top-Line
    • Full-House

      Learn more about these categories, here.

      When a player completes a round with a ticket that completes one of the winning patterns, they receive a corresponding price to the conditions.

  • Bingo Explained

    We’ve already established that Bingo is like Tombola, except that, instead of just calling out numbers, these numbers also have a corresponding letter. When both your number and letter are called, you mark the box appropriate box with a marker or with other small objects (like bottle caps or pen caps).

    Anyone who manages to complete a winning pattern on their card and shouts “Bingo” wins the game.

If you’re looking for Entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, you may want to try out Tombola or Bingo.

These are two of the safest form of Gambling in Ohio — plus, it exposes you to a wide array of people, which can help you improve your appreciation for relationships and friendships.

Visit us next weekend with your family!

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