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Bingo Phrases Only True Bingo Players Will Understand

Bingo Phrases Only True Bingo Players Will Understand

There’s always a new, fun phrase being introduced in Bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. At times it can be hard to keep up with all the changes.

Luckily, you have us WCAP BINGO, to help you stay in the loop.

Below, we’ve made a list of bingo phrases that only true bingo players will understand. Keep up, and soon you might just be playing with the pros during your next session!

  • Early Bird Games

    Early bird games don’t necessarily mean you play them at the earliest crack of dawn. It simply means it’s the first game of a bingo session. Some players call early bird games “warm-up games,” as prizes are typically smaller than the best bingo games scheduled for later.

  • Moonlight Bingo

    Another phrase that can be a little confusing for new players to understand is “moonlight bingo.”

    This is a game that is played towards the end of a session, or later at night during off-peak hours.

  • Coverall Games

    No, you don’t play a round of bingo-wearing coveralls in a coverall game. (Although that would be really good Entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.)

    A coverall bingo game is described as a ‘blackout’ game. It’s commonly used in 75-ball bingo and requires players to cover every single number on their card to win.

    To put it simply, cover all 24 numbers displayed on a single bingo card quicker than anyone else to win the prize!

If you’re planning to host a Bingo night with your friends and family this weekend, make sure to brief them on the phrases above.

We also host charity events to help put Gambling in Ohio to good use.

Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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