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Bingo for Charity: A Heart for Fun, a Heart to Help

Bingo for Charity: A Heart for Fun, a Heart to Help

Have you played bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio yet? You might find that question simple and a no-brainer. How about this: Have you already helped a charity before? How about enjoying a bingo game while raising funds for a nonprofit organization at the same time? How does that last question sound for you?

  • A heart for fun.

    People looking for entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio play bingo to enjoy time with others while hoping to win a prize. The excitement of completing a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line is more than winning a gift. The feeling is awesome. In addition, you’ll spend some time laughing and meeting new friends.

  • A heart to help.

    Bingo game is considered as a type of social and charitable gambling in Ohio. Like the old days, playing bingo is one of the fast ways to raise funds for a foundation or a charity. Enjoying a game while thinking that you’re a part of giving back to the community gives you the feeling of fulfillment.

Despite the pandemic, our place still operates with the strict implementation of following quarantine protocols. If you have inquiries about our charity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Your accommodating friends here at WCAP BINGO are glad to answer your call at 614-866-5165.

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