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Bingo Calls You Should Learn Before Playing

Bingo Calls You Should Learn Before Playing

WCAP BINGO isn’t only a place for you to play bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. It’s also a place for you to participate in charity while having fun.

When you play the traditional bingo game, it’s only right that you learn the different bingo calls that may come in handy during the play. Here are a couple of those bingo calls you should remember:

  • Lucky SevenIn many cultures, the number 7 is considered to be a sign of luck. Even in traditional games of gambling in Ohio, the phrase ‘lucky seven’ is commonly used.
  • Garden GateThis particular bingo call refers to the number 8. This is because the phrase rhymes with the number. However, there are actually legends that say that the term ‘garden gate’ is a code word for a secret meeting place.
  • Doctor’s OrdersReferring to the number 9, this bingo call dates back to World War II. At that time, military doctors prescribe soldiers the Number 9 pill, which is basically just a laxative.
  • One Little Duck/Two Little DucksLittle duck refers to the number 2 as the said number quite resembles the form of a duck. So, if the bingo call is one little duck, it means 2. If it’s two little ducks, then it means 22.

These bingo calls add more fun to your bingo entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. You’ll surely learn more as you play more games in the future.

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