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Do it the Bingo Way: A Fun Way to Give Gifts


Now that the Yuletide Season is fast approaching, this is the time where gift-giving is at its peak. Why not amp it up a notch and inject some levity into your gift-giving? This will not only be thrilling for you and your family members, but it will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable Christmases ever.

Instead of putting your gifts beneath the Christmas tree, gather your family members and play bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, while giving the gifts.

Here’s how you do it!

  • Each member is required to bring a wrapped gift. You may either specify a cost restriction per present or simply let everyone bring anything they wish.
  • Make a copy of the Bingo cards and call numbers. Cut the Bingo cards in half and remove the call numbers.
  • One person will choose and shout out one number at a time, such as “B1.” When someone has the matching number, they should mark it with their mini marshmallows.
  • To win, someone should cry out ‘Bingo’ when they receive a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line. Once the numbers are validated, the player can choose a gift and is finished playing.
  • The remaining players continue to play until everyone has won a gift!

Isn’t it a fun way to do things? You will not only have fun, but you will also receive surprising presents. This is also one method for your family to have fun and bond this Holiday Season.

If you are finding a perfect spot for entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, it’s no secret that playing in WCAP Bingo is the best choice for you.

Enjoy a little legal gambling in Ohio this Christmas!

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