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Bingo For A Cause: How You Can Help


A little back story, bingo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio has been an authorized and licensed activity since 1976. Over the years, charitable gaming that includes but is not limited to traditional bingo, instant bingo, raffles, or games of chance then gradually expanded. At present, there are various charitable organizations like WCAP BINGO that raise funds for different causes through charitable bingo.

More than just a source of entertainment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, charitable bingo is not only an exciting, stimulating, and fun activity, but it supports a higher cause. Part of the proceeds is donated as non-perishable food items to local food pantries per year. More than that, our charitable bingo proceeds support the cause of our mental health counseling center, WCAP Counseling.

While hoping to win a prize and hit the jackpot, it feels even more fulfilling to know that your enjoyment is corresponding to charity or simply helping someone and giving back to the community. Whilst enjoying some fun nights of gambling in Ohio and safely socializing with others, you are supporting the cause of our mental health counseling agency which aims to offer mental health and substance abuse counseling to the community.

The bottom line: many may perceive that gambling and charity do not go together. But we are here to break it to them that anyone can have a fun bingo night without guilt as you are helping raise funds to support a nonprofit’s organization cause. If you want to be part of our charity works, you can make it even better by visiting us every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for some game of bingo.

For questions and concerns, give us a call at 614-866-5165.

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